Dr. Zed - A New Day

A New Day is Dr Zed's debut album; it was first released in 2010…and was re-conceived and re-recorded completely under the umbrella of COVID-19 and END SARS Protest. This album’s purpose is to give the listener a "musical hug," hopefully providing a sense of comfort and good feeling amidst the intense backdrop of the pandemic we are all experiencing globally.

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The Revelation

The Revelation is Dr Zed's second album; it was officially released on August 27, 2021 under the record label of Dr. Zed Entertainment. It incorporates myriad genres, including Afro-pop/Rock/Soul and even RnB, featuring various artists

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The Preacher's Piano

“The Preacher's Piano”, is Dr Zed's third album; It was released on February 11th, 2022 under the record label of Dr. Zed Entertainment.

"Relationships, breakups, marriage, divorce, friendships, families, betrayals, mental health struggles, and parenthood are just a few of the life experiences that have inspired this album. I took the challenges in my life to create an album that would speak to millions of people." he said.

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Dreams and Reality

What do you want from your life? Whether it's a great career, a big family or an epic love story, for just about everyone the ultimate goal is simply to be happy.

So, naturally, plenty of us seek out happiness in our day-to-day lives. We try to look for jobs, friends and experiences that make us happy. We follow the latest trends that promise to make us feel better. We put on a feel-good movie after a stressful day.

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Folk Songs From My Motherland

Okechukwu Ndubuisi is a distinguished composer and arranger of vocal music in Nigeria. Even though he was an accomplished pianist, his major contribution in the field of Nigerian art music was in the choral medium. This Album "Folk Songs from My Motherland" is a collection of some of the composer’s works in order to establish the contributions he has made towards the development of art music in Nigeria.

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