Our History and Policies

D.arkhands Studios and Entertainment has over the past twenty years featured in diverse sectors of audio/visual entertainment...our strong point lies in our experience, that is why we are very reliable when it comes to consulting, sound recording, minor video recording, fast delivery of recording, professional development, and online data storage.

All clients and their associates must abide by the following rules. Violation of the Darkhands Studios rules may result in an abrupt end of the recording and/ or mixing project, finished or not.

1. All clients and associates must be respectful of the premise and adhere to proper use of our equipment. Clients and associates will be responsible for damaged studio property.

2. No guests are allowed unless they are active in or critical to the session.

3. No drugs or alcoholic beverages may be brought in the facility.

4. No weapons of any kind are allowed on the facility.

5. Darkhands Studios and the Darkhands Studios Centre are tobacco free facilities.

Darkhands Studios reserves the right to decline service. Situations that may result in declining service include, but are not limited to, cases where the recording or mixing would require large investments of capital for the acquisition of specialized equipment; projects that the studio and/ or engineer find offensive or feel unqualified to handle; or a lack of confidence that all participants would adhere to the rules of the premise.

Darkhands Studios charges ₦10,000 (ten thousand naira) an hour for studio time. There is a three-hour minimum for each recording session, with the exception of voice-overs. The fee includes both recording and setup time. Please keep in mind that a larger band will require a longer setup time. Editing and mixing prices also depend on the recorded material (₦10,000 /hr). These rates do not include mastering, distribution, or any required session musician fees.

It is not necessary to be present for setup; the staff will make sure that everything is ready to go by our agreed start time. However, it is important to be on time and prepared to start recording at the agreed upon time to ensure you get the most out of your studio time.

Darkhands Studios requires at least 50% of the total payment to be paid before the first session. You will not receive the final product until all payments have been made. Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card.


If you need to cancel a session, Darkhands Studios will require 15% of the original session fee to be paid to Darkhands Studios Center if the cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the session’s start time.